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This group of mailing lists is devoted to Web design, Softpress Systems’ Freeway Pro and Freeway Express, and related topics. Join one of the friendliest communities on the ’net!

The lists:


For discussions about writing Actions


For discussions about making dynamic web sites with Freeway


General discussion about creating interactive Flash animations and video content with Easy Web Animator from Cyberfront Corporation.


For discussions about Exhibeo.


For discussions about Freeway.


For discussions about Fretspace


Discussion for users of Purgatory Software’s excellent drawing application Intaglio.

Off Topic

Our very own water cooler for non-Freeway related discussions.


Got a tutorial to share? Post it here!

The Mailist

The Mailist turns the usual Web forum paradigm inside-out. Where forums usually relegate mail to “pings” alerting you to changes, Mailist is entirely mail-centric (hence the name). At its core is GNU Mailman, one of the most mature mailing-list server applications around. When you interact with this site, you are simply reading or creating e-mail messages which are sent to a mailing list. In fact, it’s possible to interact with this system entirely by e-mail.

Mailist is designed and engineered by Walter Davis, with Mailman control scripts and security trampoline by Finlay Dobbie.


This site is built with PHP and MySQL, using the MyActiveRecord object-relational mapper. JavaScript spice is added with Prototype and Scriptaculous. This site is valid XHTML 1.0 Strict, and valid CSS. It is tested in Safari 2 and 3, iPhone, Mozilla 1.7 and Firefox 2, and Internet Explorer 6 and 7 on Windows XP.

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