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Justin Griswold

22 May 2012, 6:12 pm

[Pro] Creating an Online Store

Hi, I am creating a website for an antique store. right now i am using showcase to create a gallery of items (9 items per page) i then save the gallery open up Freeway use the showcase action and my 9 picture gallery is there,

Question: Has anyone used freeway pro to create an online shop? is there and easier way to do it? is there a better gallery program i could be using?

Does anyone have any web store examples i could reference?


25 May 2012, 9:35 pm

Hi Justin, I recommend to repeat your question on the Freeway Talk board. Actually you posted on the EWA board, which will be visited from those who are looking for solutions for the EWA-Animator. An online shop can be created with Freeway. A good point to start is the Softpress Knowledge Base: http://www.softpress.com/kb/questions/141/Creating+a+Shopping+Cart+in+Freeway You can also find a lot of entries at Freewaytalk. I have to admit, that I never had to create an online-shop, so I cannot give you a more detailed answer.