Wiley Pickett

20 Feb 2015, 8:24 pm

[Pro] Can't see graphics on layout page

When I am working on a page view, None of my images are visible. I can see them when I click on preview.

Example: I open a new page using master1. I insert a graphic item and scale it to an approximate size of image being inserted. I drag the image into the box. All I can see is the image name in the upper left corner of the graphic item box. If I go to “Preview” the image is there.

This makes it very difficult to resize or position the images especially if I am doing several images on one page. This only became an issue after upgrading from a prior version of Freeway Pro. I now use FreewayPro 7.02 but it has been going on sine leaving version 6. Any suggestions?

Richard van Heukelum

22 Feb 2015, 10:12 am

Go to Menubar > View, it could be that Alt Text is checked (turned on)? If so, images won’t be shown. Uncheck Alt Text and the image preview returns.


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