Paul Proudman

2 Mar 2015, 7:00 am

[Pro] Html movement

Hi Guys, im brand new to this. I have built a website and been self training through all the manuals. My question is that when I set html text out its moving onto a graphic below (looks ok on freeway but not browser). How do I get the graphic to automatically move down on the web browser. Driving me mad. Im doing this as a css. Thanks


2 Mar 2015, 7:46 pm

If you draw two layers in a Freeway document, and put a graphic in one, and some HTML text in another, they are as though they were on two separate parallel sheets of glass. They cannot ever touch one another. If you want the HTML text to be able to push the graphic around, then you will need to insert the graphic inline within the text in the HTML box. This is perfectly simple — just cut the graphic to the clipboard, then double-click inside the HTML box, and paste. The image will become an inline element, and will behave as if it was a single character of text within that larger run of text. When the font size changes, the image will be “pushed down” so the text won’t over or underlap it.


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