29 Oct 2015, 10:56 am

[Pro] Feeding a property website with XML

Hi, I’ve been asked to quote for a job that requires feeding a lump of XML to a property advertising website. So far, it seems that there is no example code that I can refer to. I’ve been sent a PDF outlining the XML structure, and that’s about it. I’ve asked the property site in question about example code, and they say that they have none. Google has not been helpful.

They sent me a URL that can be used for testing (once an account has been set up), and that seems to be the limits of the help I’m going to get. This is the URL which seems to be an XML file of some form outlining what’s available: http://bus.uat.pl.artirix.com/bulkloaderservice/uploader.asmx?wsdl

Safari and Firefox just show this as an XML dump.

I’m not quite sure that this all means. If I’m to POST the XML as a string (that seems to be how they want it), I obviously need to determine the field name(s) to use.

My guess: upload to the URL http://bus.uat.pl.artirix.com/bulkloaderservice/uploader.asmx and use the fieldname UploadString for the XML data. That seems to make sense to me. Does that mean anything to anyone else here?

Also, XML is returned - so I’ll need to handle that. I can get info on how to deal with that. Basically I’d need to know if the request has been successful, and if it has to extract any information such as their advert ID number. This should be OK to do, it’s the sending of data that I need a bit of clarification on.

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30 Oct 2015, 2:02 pm

You might want to read up on sending and handling a SOAP request. There’s a lot of architecture astronaut stuff that needs to be managed here, it’s not just a matter of uploading a file. I avoid these sorts of things like the plague, and push back to require a REST interface, which fits in neatly with Web work.


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