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15 Aug 2016, 9:59 am

[Pro] How to access PANTONE and CSS colours within Freeway

Have you ever wished you could see the Pantone swatch range and the complete CSS colour range within Freeway?. well you can, and this is how you do it

Quite Freeway

Download the archive from
this should download a folder with a set of PANTONE & CSS-colour clr files..
just copy the contents and paste it in


I have converted the PANTONE: Coated, Uncoated, Neon Coated, Neon Uncoated, Metalic Coated and there is also the CSS Colors

  1. Now launch Freeway
  2. create a new document
  3. create a new colour Edit/Color/ the Freeway “Edit Colors” palette should appear 4 Click the New button
  4. the Freeway little “Colors” window should appear this should present you with the standard freeway colour controls for a new colour which are a Name field, hex color field , RGB sliders a Permanent Checkbox and finally a little rectangle colour swatch showing the colour
  5. click on that little rectangle colour swatch 7 this should launch the Apple color picker and most probably the big colour wheel tab is the one that is visible
  6. click on the third tab across which is represented by a group of ‘little-coloured’ squares and this is the apple colour palette
  7. you should now see a drop down and it will most probably say Apple
  8. just click on that drop down and you will now see the complete Pantone range plus the CSS colours as well (I tend to use Pantone Coated)

just choose a colour by clicking on the chosen Panton Colour and it should be then seen in the Freeway color palette

once you have done it once step 8 shouldn’t be needed because it will remember you last chosen colour type.


One nice feature which I have just noticed….

After you have set this up and tested it try this:

  1. create a random color within the Freeway colour palette using the RGB sliders
  2. then click on the Rectangle colour the Apple colour picker should launch and the closest Pantone should be highlighted just click on that colour and either the colour will be an exact match or it will adjust the Freeway colour a tiny amount to match the Pantone colour… which is really cool

Anyway as the coffee shops say….. enjoy :o)

it’s better to be lucky than clever.. :o)


15 Aug 2016, 11:25 am

I Forgot to mention….. you may need to restart your mac for these colours swatches to be seen


it’s better to be lucky than clever.. :o)

The Big Erns

22 Aug 2016, 12:24 pm

Max, this works brilliantly. Thanks!

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22 Aug 2016, 12:34 pm

No problem… Seeing as there is not going to be any more new freeway development. I thought I better go through everything that I have noticed and see if it can be improved. The Pantone swatches references are just one area. The other is the visual condition of the published HTML code once a few actions have been applied… I may have something for that, but I am still trying to work it out

All the best Max

it’s better to be lucky than clever.. :o)

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31 May 2018, 8:37 am

Hi everyone I noticed that the download link wasn’t working any more so hermit is again http://jmp.sh/d5Cfxz7

it’s better to be lucky than clever.. :o)