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Gavin Jones

14 Sep 2017, 6:47 am

[Pro] Search engines find my "old" site address


Ive used a number of devices and browsers and cleared cache each time, but I am still getting this problem. As well as the correct site my old site is being suggested by the search engines. if you click these links the result is “Not Found”.

Ive talked to my ISP and under instruction have used the ftp tool Transmit to delete the whole site from httpdocs. Looking at the dates of all the files in the server I have stripped it of all old uploads. I then publish the site again, but I get the same problem. Google, Duckduckgo, Yahoo all do the same. They see the correct site but also suggest links to the other 4 pages on the site, but when clicked these links do not go to the site but to a “Not Found” page.

The old site and the new site have the same page names, Gallery, Testimonials, Clients, Contact Us. I am stuck and dont know what to do now. I was blaming Google, but as Yahoo and Duckduckgo also do the same thing I think it must be something else I am doing wrong. Is it to so with Ports?

Any solutions come to mind guys? Thank you in advance.

Tim Plumb

14 Sep 2017, 7:51 am

Hi Gavin, Take a look at this article I wrote back in 2011 which outlines how you can set ups a 301 redirect to tell search engines and end users that content has moved; Regards, Tim.

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Gavin Jones

14 Sep 2017, 9:16 am

Thanks Tim, I will….

But I also found out what the problem was,. Slight differences in the naming of pages from the old to the new site. Once I changed the new pages to be name exactly as the old it seemed to fix the problem.