Steve Fermor

1 Oct 2017, 5:52 pm

[Pro] Slideshow ignoring theme sizes

Hi, I’m using Exhibio 1 with Mac OS Sierra. I have prepared a slideshow where the slides are 1200x376. In cropping the images, I have specified ‘theme’. It plays perfectly in Exhibio. However, the sizing is not accurate when imported into Freeway 7.1.3, where I have allowed a window the same size as the slides. What I see are grey bands top and bottom of most of the slides, and these can vary in depth. I’m sure I’ve probably missed something obvious here, but have no idea what. I’ve re-exported a few times, but it doesn’t change anything. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance

Steve Fermor

2 Oct 2017, 10:37 am

If any of you are pondering this problem, it seems to have fixed itself. When I started the Mac again the next day the problem had gone. Not sure whether it was a Freeway anomaly or that of the Mac OS, but clearly a restart fixes it.