28 Dec 2017, 6:39 pm

Moving Files from iPad App to Mac

I have stuck with and worked Intaglio mac versions over the years (paid versions). I recently bought the iPad app, very disappointing, it is very unstable, crashing a lot. Worse yet, I cannot get files to transfer and use on the Mac app. Tried WiFi network transfer, I can access file, but Intaglio won’t open it. Emailed it, still won’t open in Intaglio. Same for Dropbox. It is a file incompatible issue.

Any thoughts/help would be most appreciated.


28 Dec 2017, 8:07 pm

Response from Intaglio: “We’re working on a Sketchpad update, but in the meantime I’d suggest a different file format. Intaglio on the Mac understands sketchpad-pkg files rather than sketchpad-flat. I’m not sure why it’s exporting the wrong one. I suggest export an SVG file instead. Regards, Nick Nallick”

Ok, thanks for the quick response.