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Lawrence Cragg

30 Dec 2017, 4:55 pm

Link to live .jpg file

I would like to present a live webcam picture, which is currently on the Freeway server, but I can find no way to do this. Any ideas?


30 Dec 2017, 6:01 pm

By the “Freeway” server, do you mean your own Web server, where you upload that image? If so, then there is a way in Freeway to indicate that an image comes from a remote URL. Draw an image box the size and location where you need it to appear, and then in the Inspector, change the type (found in the Output tab of the Inspector) from JPEG (default) to URL. Paste the URL into the field provided in the Inspector for that purpose. Be sure to make it a complete URL: http[s]://server.dom/path/to/image.jpeg or an accurate “relative” URL: ../../webcam_folder/image.jpeg if you can work out what that relation is to your Freeway-generated HTML page. You won’t be able to preview the latter form on your Mac, so you won’t have any way to tell if it’s working until you upload the page to your server, and preview it from the live URL.

If you are presenting the image at any other size (on screen) than its exact pixel dimensions, you will need to add the width and height to the image box using the Item / Extended interface. Add the attributes to the “img” tab, entering width and height in the Name column, and the pixel dimensions (without the px unit indication, so just the number) in the Value column. Enter the pixel dimensions of the image box as noted in Freeway in the Measurements section of the General settings (first tab) in the Inspector.


On Dec 30, 2017, at 11:55 AM, Lawrence Cragg <email@hidden> wrote:

I would like to present a live webcam picture, which is currently on the Freeway server, but I can find no way to do this. Any ideas?

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Lawrence Cragg

30 Dec 2017, 7:08 pm

Thank you for your response. Yes, the .jpg file is on the same server as my Freeway web site. I will do as you suggest. As I look at your reply, the solution looks so obvious that I wonder why I couldn’t get there. Must be age creeping up on me.

Lawrence Cragg

30 Dec 2017, 8:52 pm

Successfully done on the home page of

Thanks again.


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18 Jan 2018, 12:48 pm

Walter’s solution looks like it will work. One small suggestion, though - browser caching may cause a previous version of the image to be loaded by the browser. Change the URL he suggested from http[s]://server.dom/path/to/image.jpeg

To: http[s]://server.dom/path/to/image.jpeg?

The ? should be enough to trip the browser into requesting a fresh version of the image from the server.

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