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Richard Cacciato

6 Dec 2018, 4:28 pm

Problems with Adobe Photoshop CS5 in MacOS Mojave

I know this is a bit off-topic but I’m posting in case some people find this useful.

I recently upgraded my MacBook Pro to Mojave and Freeway seems to be working fine. However, Photoshop CS5 started to misbehave: I could open .psd files but every time I tried to edit, Photoshop crashed.

I did a lot of research and most people said “too bad, just upgrade”. Many, including me, are irritated that what was a one-time purchase (and worked fine before Mojave) has changed to a subscription model that costs about $240 per year.

After a lot of gnashing of teeth and research, I finally came upon the solution. Adobe has created an updater to 12.0.5 (AdobePhotoshop12-5-mul-AdobeUpdate copy.dmg) that fixes the problem. You can download it here:

However, installation is not straightforward: the installer crashed for me each time. As a result, you have to open the installer package and look for the “AdobePatchInstaller” file inside the installer package, which you then need to run from terminal. Read this discussion to get detailed instructions on how to do it:

I hope this is helpful. Thanks.


8 Dec 2018, 7:25 am

Perhaps this should have gone in the off topic section. I am actually surprised CS5 has worked for you until now, but you can be certain a day will come when there is no workaround and I know some who have already hit a brick wall with CS6. If you are opposed to paying the Adobe subscription fee I keep hearing of satisfied converts to Affinity Photo.


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8 Dec 2018, 4:57 pm

I expect my CS3 install(!) won’t work. I’ll be surprised that it does. I have a couple of old machines with it on where I can fall back if needed.

Right now, I’m finding Affinity Photo and Designer open my old PSD files well, so I can continue with those in most cases.

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Nicholas Robertson

11 Dec 2018, 1:59 pm

I have been using Affinity Photo along side my Adobe Photoshop (creative suite 4/OS Sierra) to judge its worth as a replacement to PS. It is a fantastic piece of kit for the money, there are some missing bits like not being able to input MetaData, but overall it very good and I am sure it will get even better. I have also trialled Affinity Designer against Adobe Illustrator with the same impressive results and look forward to buying Affinity Publisher when it is released. I have used most of the Adobe creative software since 1990 (even taught training sessions for it) but their greedy price structure has proved too much for a freelancer. So with Mac OS moving to 64bit with Mohave the choice has been made for me.