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6 Dec 2018, 5:38 pm

[Pro] google maps http: vs https: protocol


The imbedded Google maps stopped working, and I initially thought it was because I needed to switch to the API key method of linking. I did, but the problem also turned out to be the link generated by the action to googleapis, which is output as ‘http’ instead of ‘https.’ Although it worked fine on my computer, the page was prevented from retrieving data from the Google site when uploaded onto GoDaddy’s server. Manually changing the link solved the problem in the short term, but every time I republish I’ll have to upload the edited pages. Is there a way to update that action so that it produces an ‘https’ link?

Thanks, David

Jeremy Hughes

6 Dec 2018, 6:20 pm

Hi David,

Walter can probably give you a better answer, but most Actions (including the Google Actions) are text files which you can edit in a text editor.


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6 Dec 2018, 6:44 pm


Thanks! It took me a few minutes to figure out where to find the included actions, but it’s working fine now.