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31 Dec 2018, 1:22 pm

Webyep2 & php7 tinyMCE issues

I have finally decided to take the essential step of upgrading my freeway created sites with webyep cms from php 5 to php7. Having downloaded webyep 2 I’ve used the NEW-code-snippets.php to update one of my sites. The good news is that I’ve done that part successfully. (Though I like the new icons I’ve found an issue that you can’t tell the ‘attachment’ and ‘photo’ icons apart very easily, though I’ve solved this by changing the colour of the ‘attachment’ icon so that I can tell them apart at a glance.)

The bad news however is with ‘rich text’. I used this very heavily to add code, pictures video etc. The problem I have is two fold and hope that someone can shed some light on these as these are very important aspects that may make the difference between whether I can produce the sites in the same way in the future.

Both problems are to do with the text editor in rich text for which I’ve been using tinyMCE.

The old version for me has been excellent but now tinyMCE version 4 which is meant to be a newer and better version seems to have gone backwards. Lesser features. There doesn’t seem to be any way of installing the old version unfortunately. The other option, ckeditor doesn’t offer any solution either. So here are the two issues that I hope someone can advise me on:-

1) There is no longer a drop down of type styles from my linked css stylesheet.

Sure if I put pure code in here it works but prior to this I would set this up for clients who could choose a font style from the drop down menu. I can’t ask my clients to code and I’d rather not have to code where previously it was so simple.

2) When I type code into the ‘source’ feature (formerly called ‘html’) I find that it reworks my code. So for example where previously I would put in code that would add a photo that would be responsive and controlled by a css style sheet, this no longer work. The only way I’ve got it working is to disable a type editor all together and add the code into the ‘rich text’ element.

I sincerely hope that I’m missing something obvious here but after much experimenting and searching on the internet and FreewayTalk I haven’t found a solution. Much appreciate HELP :-)


2 Jan 2019, 4:21 pm

Hi Frank
I had to make some hard choices in dealing with the rich-text editors. The main problem was the majority of developers struggled with installation and then configuring of either of the rich-text editors that were available so I went down another route which was: use CDN versions of TinyMCE and CKEditor and then introduce a commercial editor for people which required file and image upload within the rich-text area… and hence why I used Redactor which now the commercial version of the rich-text webyep system and this has already been installed and the upload facility is configured

The drop-down linked to a styles was only ever a tinymce 3 item and that was dropped by them in version 4.

Again in the commercial version, you can choose fonts sizes etc.

Responsive images are problematic in a lot of richtext editors. There are ways around that by using CSS and in Redactor you apply a class to the p tag which surrounds the img tag. I have an example somewhere so I will try to find it

speak soon Max

it’s better to be lucky than clever.. :o)

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3 Jan 2019, 6:24 pm

Thanks Max, as always your time and advice is greatly appreciated. It’s a shame that that TinyMCE have dropped a number of very useful features in TinyMCE4, Also a shame that there isn’t a simple way to implement TinyMCE3 in Webyep2 as that would solve my issues & I’d be a happy chappy.

I guess I have to accept that progress doesn’t always mean improvement in every area and I’ll have to work on the best way of moving forward. Again, many thanks for your help Max and all your excellent work with Webyep2 and associated freeway actions.