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12 Jan 2019, 2:56 am

The Way to get a key for the Maple Story

The Way to get a key for the Maple Story Savage evaluation

You have three methods to get a secret from us at Maple story M Mesos GamesBeat.We’ll hand out secrets across a number of our societal channels, so follow with us on these platforms to get an opportunity to receive one: GamesBeat on Twitter,VentureBeat on Facebook. A better way to have a key is to show up tonight to watch the Maple Story Family Dinner on Twitch. During the stream tonight, you’ll have a chance to win a key by following my Twitch channel and watching reside.

Here are the details: Follow the Twitch house of this Maple Story Family Dinner. The Family Dinner starts at 8 pm Pacific time. Pay awareness of best savings for Maple Story Mesos directions, which will entail sending a distinctive word or keyphrase in for a opportunity to win a secret.

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