9 Apr 2019, 1:16 pm

Apple’s Notarisation Service

Will this impact on Freeway 7? If so, will a newer notarised version be available to download? How will this affect Actions?

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Simon Manning

10 Apr 2019, 11:38 am

I skipped over the article but the documentation states this:

Beginning in macOS 10.14.5, all new or updated kernel extensions and all software from developers new to distributing with Developer ID must be notarized in order to run. In a future version of macOS, notarization will be required by default for all software.

The key part being “from developers new to distributing with Developer ID”, so this won’t affect Freeway 7 or anything else produced by Softpress. (As we already have an existing Developer ID.)

There is the future version where it will become required for all software but I wouldn’t expect that until 10.15 or even 10.16. That’s speculation but they don’t tend to make big changes like that outside of initial major releases.