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John Robinson

11 Apr 2019, 8:05 pm

[Pro] Another Send Form question

So this contact page used to work but stopped. I had action applied to a section but now to whole page. It always used to work. Also stopped working on another site different host. Thanks


12 Apr 2019, 1:04 pm

What changed on your host? Did they upgrade or otherwise change the major version of PHP running on your server? Did they make changes to their sendmail configuration? Those are the two things that I can think of that might affect this as you describe.

Some hosts require that you set your mailing scripts to send “From” an address on the same server. By default, the Send Form Action will use whatever e-mail field is in your form as the sender, which makes it very convenient to use. To reply to someone, you just hit Reply in your mail application and the message goes back to the sender. Unfortunately, this sort of forgery looks a lot like a spammer in action, so many hosting providers (and many recipient mail services like Gmail) will drop such a message on the floor, considering it to be spam.

You can configure the Action to send from a fixed address, and if you pick a real address on the Web server, this may solve the problem for you.

If there are actual PHP errors going on in your site, those are generally hidden by default (since they can leak useful information to hackers). By editing the Send Form script ‘FW_SendForm_contactdelawarew.php’ on your server, you can add the debugging statements to the top of the file, and see if there are actual PHP errors happening on your server. Just remember to remove these changes when you’re done checking.

If your hosting provider uses cPanel or anything similar, there should be a file manager section of the interface that will let you locate that file on the server, and edit it in a Web form right in the cPanel interface. All PHP scripts begin with <?php as the first line. Place your cursor at the end of that line, press Return, and then paste in the following two lines:

ini_set('display_errors', true);

Save the changes, now immediately go to your contact form and try to use it. If there are errors within the PHP, you should see them displayed in the browser. Once you’ve captured them, go back in cPanel and comment out those two lines (or just delete them from the file) and save again. Comments in PHP are done by adding two slashes at the beginning of the line:

// ini_set('display_errors', true)'

If you see something in the errors that doesn’t make any sense to you at all, you can paste the error message into a private Gist at and then share that URL with us. When you’re done with the debugging, you can delete the Gist, and there won’t be any trace of this hanging around for someone to use against you.

If you don’t see any PHP errors, then the problem is most likely in your hosting provider’s sendmail setup, and you’ll need to start a trouble ticket with them to get it resolved. Don’t bother trying to explain that you are using Freeway, or an Action, just tell them that you are using a form-to-mail script written in PHP 7, and it’s using the normal PHP to sendmail bindings. Ask them if there is anything in particular that you’ll need to do to make that work.


On Apr 11, 2019, at 4:05 PM, John Robinson <[email protected]> wrote:

So this contact page used to work but stopped. I had action applied to a section but now to whole page. It always used to work. Also stopped working on another site different host. Thanks

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John Robinson

12 Apr 2019, 7:02 pm

Walt Thank for the info. I went the easy route and removed the form. Went straight to an email link. Easier for customer and myself. Probably a little or lot lazy on my part. Other site finally sent the test from the form after about 4 hours. weird. John