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7 May 2020, 2:33 pm

[Pro] Pic New Window Action

Hi, Could anyone advise me how to get a high resolution graphic in the pic to new window Action please? I can easily add them to my main pages using the inspector palette and the making them pass through etc.. Just not sure how you do it using this action? Many thanks G



7 May 2020, 3:24 pm

Please tell me which image configuration would you like to use?

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7 May 2020, 3:44 pm

When someone clicks on my single image on my page, I would like it to appear bigger and in high resolution. Normally to have high res images I just add the image (double sized in photoshop) and select pass through and then it appears double sized on your page until you select high res in the inspector palette at which point it reduces to the correct half size. When you use the Pic in new Window action you just see the option to ‘select’ the image which will appear in the window without the option to resize it by clicking the high res. Hope this makes sense, apologies if this does not answer your question. Many thanks G