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31 Aug 2020, 8:26 am

Problem with a program that I can’t solve

Hey !

I’ve been using Intaglio program for a few years, and I’ve been very satisfied. Thank you for a good program.

Now, however, I had a problem with a program that I can’t solve.

I imported a PDF file that I spread out for editing. The program was left in a rainbow ball mode and could only be shut down with a forced stop command.

I started the program several times, as well as the computer, but it didn’t help.

I uninstalled the program a few times and reinstalled it, but it didn’t help.

It would seem that the PDF file I was trying to decompress in the program for editing somehow has been left in memory?

Would you have any help with this.


31 Aug 2020, 12:19 pm

Could be anything. Is it probably containing multiple pages document? It should open by skipping a warning at least the title page. Does it open fine in and do you have any other PDF-compatible software onboard? Maybe send it over and I´ll try to look into it.


31 Aug 2020, 4:28 pm

Apologies for my poor English.

So the problem came at the point when I was trying to make a PDF file editable in a program after it had already been imported. The pdf file works well and it opened well in the program. The file is a one-page house floor plan, but with lots of lines, and layers

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1 Sep 2020, 7:46 am

So does it work now? A one-pager with “lots of lines and layers” shouldn´t be a problem at all. As I said you can send it over if you like or allowed to do so. Without at least an problematic example file it´s not possible to help. You can find email address in the notification mail you receive through this forum or make a download link available. For language+translation there´s at least available. Cheers