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Robert Mitton

24 Oct 2020, 9:35 pm

[Pro] Simon Manning, got a ? or two, please

Hello Simon,

I am having the same problem that Alvaro de Regil with the Exhibeo slideshows not animating. I am using Exhibeo version 1.

1st question: When will you be updating the app to correct this problem and will that work for Exhibeo version1 as well?

2nd question: I am trying to make the “slide” mode of the app work. Would I merely replace “impress” with “slide” in the example that you provided for Alvaro de Regil?

Thanks for any and all help!



Robert Mitton

24 Oct 2020, 9:58 pm

This is what I am finding in the “body” file:

<div id="exibid" class="xb-slide">
        <img src="Resources/Rogers-Auto-Electric-Red-Chevy-Hot-Rod-Rear-Side-View-30409.jpg" />
<a class="hidden" href="Resources/Rogers-Auto-Electric-Red-Chevy-Hot-Rod-Rear-Side-View-30409.jpg"></a>
<a class="hidden" href="Resources/Rogers-Auto-Electric-Red-Chevy-Hot-Rod-On-Lift-30417.jpg"></a>
<a class="hidden" href="Resources/Rogers-Auto-Electric-Red-Chevy-Hot-Rod-Looking-Under-Hood-30408.jpg"></a>
<a class="hidden" href="Resources/Rogers-Auto-Electric-Red-Chevy-Hot-Rod-Front-Driver-Side-View-30407.jpg"></a>
<a class="hidden" href="Resources/Rogers-Auto-Electric-Red-Chevy-Hot-Rod-Looking-Under-Hood-From-Front-30405.jpg"></a>
<a class="hidden" href="Resources/Rogers-Auto-Electric-Red-Chevy-Hot-Rod-Front-Passenger-Side-View-30404.jpg"></a>
<a class="hidden" href="Resources/Rogers-Auto-Electric-Red-Chevy-Hot-Rod-Rear-View-30402.jpg"></a>
<a class="hidden" href="Resources/Rogers-Auto-Electric-Red-Chevy-Hot-Rod-On-Lift230416.jpg"></a>

</div> <script> window.exibidSlide = new Slide(document.getElementById(“exibid”), { “animation”: “fade”, “duration”: 3, “randomImages”: false, “sections”: 10 }); </script>

Could you please help me with this. I am not a “coder” and depend on doing everything visually.


Jeremy Hughes

12 Nov 2020, 8:48 pm

Hi Robert,

I’ll nudge Simon on this.

The problem that Alvaro de Regil reported (Impress slideshow not animating) will be fixed in the next version of Exhibeo 2, which we plan to release soon. We don’t plan to release any new versions of Exhibeo 1, but Simon may be able to suggest a workaround.


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Simon Manning

13 Nov 2020, 4:10 pm

Hi Robert,

The issue Alvaro was having was something specifically with Impress, introduced in Exhibeo 2, so this will be a separate problem.

Looking at your website, the galleries are failing because slide.js is missing which probably indicates that the file wasn’t uploaded for some reason, or perhaps that it was uploaded with a different filename.

First ensure you have the correct version of the Exhibeo 1 Action installed in Freeway. In Exhibeo, open the Help menu and choose the option for installing the Action. Freeway should open and prompt you about installing the Action, accept this.

Next with your Freeway document open, open the File menu, hold ctrl and choose Publish Everything. Once that has completed, upload everything in the way you normally would and see if that solves it.