Jeremy Hughes

9 Jul 2021, 12:19 pm

Re: [Pro] Freeway Pro 13 and Mac OS Big Sur

Hi Mick,

The latest version of Freeway Pro (Freeway 7) doesn’t work with recent versions of macOS. This is because Apple dropped support for 32-bit APIs which Freeway uses:

We have developed Xway as a modern 64-bit replacement for Freeway:

In future we are planning to add support for importing content from Freeway to Xway. Currently, it’s possible to do this manually by copying and pasting content from Freeway or a browser (see Appendix 2 in the Xway User Guide, which is available from Xway’s Help menu).

Xway is currently available as a free beta, but it’s release-quality software, with very few bugs. We used it to create the Xway page on our website.


On 9 Jul 2021, at 12:05, Mick Kingsbury via freewaytalk <email@hidden> wrote:

Does Freeway Pro 13 work with Mac OS Big Sur