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Richard Paradise

9 Feb 2011, 2:14 am

[Pro] FTP and Freeway Pro and Go Daddy

I have been uploading via the Freeway Pro’s built in FTP located in the “Document Setup window” It has worked fine with my local server. I recently produced a web site for some friends and I am using Go Daddy, a large hosting company to host the site. I put all the proper info into the “Upload” i.e. Server, Directory left blank, Port, User name, password and Web address, FTP Passive mode. When I go to upload I get the following message. “Cannot complete upload because we failed to connect”. I have used Cyberduck with the same information and it works just fine, is there some tweeking I must do in Freeway Pro in order to upload my files? I is a pain to have to go into the site folder and upload all the files there because it most likely only needs to upload the few I changed. I would like to stay within the application to upload my files because that has to happen several times a day. I have optical cable with upload speeds of 33 mps so it is not a lagging that keeps the files from reaching their destination. Is there anyway to connect to Freeway Pro users who may also use Go Daddy to fine out if this problem is systemic in the Freeway Pro application? Thanks for any possible work around suggestions..



9 Feb 2011, 7:36 am

Did you try and add the onto the end of the username? Did you try without it?

Are you logged into it via another way? (Too many ftp connections cause GoDaddy to flip out and then block you out.)

Everything else should be standard settings. Did you try non-passive instead of passive? Did you fill out the web address field with your domain name URL?


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Justin Walker

6 Nov 2011, 2:45 pm

Hello All,

As a result of Apple’s abandonment of iWeb and Mobile Me hosting service, I have just recently purchased a domain and hosting service through GoDaddy. I thought I’d share some things that will make setup a little easier.

Once you have purchased your domain and hosting service, you have to log in to the Domain Manager and the Hosting Control Center. If you purchased your domain through GoDaddy, your domain registration should be automatic. Logging into the Domain Manager should initiate this process. Logging into the Hosting Ccontrol Center will activate your hosting service. Once both are activated, it can take up to 24 hours to be able to upload to the server via FTP.

Using Freeway to upload to GoDaddy is actually really easy, if the correct settings are entered. Under the File Menu in Freeway, navigate to Document Setup, and select the Upload Tab. The “Method:” will be “FTP”, the “Server:” will be your domain name (, the “Port:” should be set to “21”, the “Directory:” should be left blank, your “User name:” and “Password:” are the same used to setup the HOSTING SERVICE with GoDaddy, this can (and should) be different from your DOMAIN user name and password. Making them different will make it harder for someone to compromise your data. “Web Address:” should only be filled out if a specific Freeway Action calls for it; Freeway Shop for example. The “FTP Mode:” should be set to “PASSIVE”, this setting prevented me from uploading my site for the better part of a day. Resulting in this error: “Cannot complete upload because the server reported an error. [425 Could not open data connection to port XXXXX: Connection refused] [-26381:625:1191]” This is what prompted me to write this reply. Finally, the “Save Log” button is only for diagnostic reporting for Softpress personnel to determine publishing issues, and should not be selected unless instructed. This is only viewable in the “Upload” section of the file menu, and not “Document Setup”.

I hope this little tutorial helps clear up some issues while attempting to setup and publish your Freeway website to your new GoDaddy domain and hosting service. Thank you for your time and enjoy your new website.

Long live Freeway!